Contact the Artist

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawing or making something. As a kid, my father would bring home rolls of paper from paper mills he serviced which my parents would roll across the length of the living room floor. Those rolls of paper were to be the first canvases I filled with the castles and cottages I would eventually see in more than my mind’s eye.  My paintings today aren’t terribly far afield from those childhood fantasies.

Feel free to call or email if you’re interested in:

1. Seeing my work in person.

2.Desire more information about purchasing my work.

3. Placing a commission.

4. Studying or traveling with me.

Thanks for taking time to spend a few moments reading my blog. Never hesitate to leave comments!

Bruce Stebner


10 thoughts on “Contact the Artist

      • I can remember your art projects from elementary school – marvelous valentines with cut out heads from our class pictures and inventive verse and fun puppets with unique and fanciful characteristics. Enjoying your beautiful art evolution. Vicky Weichman Young

  1. Love it!!! The new paintings you did are incredible. I love the pic of you smiling so huge and the kitty cat and yellow shutters made cool photos! Where can I click to follow the site so you get ranking?

  2. Looking forward to your art show on May 25. Just wanted to send you my new email address so I don’t miss out on any future emails. Can’t wait to put out the beautiful ceramic cottage in the garden that I bought from you a few years ago. It always makes me smile, even when I’m pulling weeds!


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