The Move: Rumor Squelched

1435937649892OK, we really are moving. We bought and sold in a week. But not France. Almost, but no. Why? It’s true, we tried. Look up “red tape” in the dictionary and it will describe anyone outside the EU trying to take residency there. But that’s OK. It got us out of neutral and in gear for change.

All our travels there will be easier in a few weeks, when we move to our new home in Highland Square, Akron’s closest neighborhood to what we crave. A smaller, charming turn of the (twentieth) century house on a much smaller lot, where we can still have a tiny front garden and a secret little courtyard in the back, without being enslaved to its upkeep. The organic grocery, library, pharmacy, restaurants and more are all easy walking distance. Just like we were seeking in France.

10x20 Stebner painting. "Morning Sun"

10×20 Stebner painting. “Morning Sun”

Of course it isn’t France, C’est ridicule! But it’s our new adventure, all the same, just a mile from Dorchester. Crazy but true. Now when I do cross the Pond to have a proper baguette, gorge myself on French cheese(and wine) and teach painting in the French countryside, whoever housesits(Jim’s increasingly France-smitten with each visit!) will have a lot less to care for. In the meantime, I can always strike up a French conversation at the coffee shop a few blocks away with my young French teacher, Nils.

Did I mention I’ll have a painting studio on the ground level of our new digs, to boot? Pas mal, pas mal du tout!


2 thoughts on “The Move: Rumor Squelched

  1. Love you even though we had a short time together. Love at the second train! 🙂 I am pleased for you guys that you have found something work. It does allow you to travel easier. I understand very well the buying in France. It is the same inItaly. I don’t know may be it is us not wanting so much bureaucracy. They get you on every turn! I would have help but still I am not committing. You have to want it badly! Are you a French citizen? I have this trip gotten set documentation of my grandfathers with etc. So i intend to try for Ilia citizenship.

    I go to Lake Garda- Verona on Monday. Intend to paint! I do not know that i told you but st. petersburg was wonderful. The light incredible!

    Think of you often, Abbracci, joan


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