Filling the Stocking

French hen, 4x6 linen panel

French hen, 4×6 linen panel

Those of you attending my Holiday Open House this Saturday will enjoy new gallery lighting. No more shifting paintings from shadows to the light! That along with some other little spruce-ups will make my thirty-fifth holiday open house even more pleasant than before.

The house has been astir with preparations. There are just a few last brush strokes to complete but that’s just the beginning of any art event. Boxes of new frames from all over the country arrived last week and the week before and I’ve been filling them with new paintings as time permits. This week will be packed with taking inventory, hanging the show and the final spruce-up. Squeezed in between was a trip to Sharon Weiss Gallery in Columbus on Saturday to deliver new paintings. She and I have some fun plans for the new year to introduce Stebner to more of her central state art collectors.

Serenity, Giverny. 20x24 oil on linen

Serenity, Giverny. 20×24 oil on linen

If all this wasn’t enough holiday excitement, there’s another little jewel to fill the holiday stocking. In five weeks Jim and I will be back in France celebrating the first year of our marriage(a ceremony that occurred 24 years after we united forces). Call it what you like- a postponed honeymoon, anniversary vacation or holiday getaway. All I can say is that we can’t wait! As often as we have gone to France, it will only be the second time we have gone together, just the two of us. The first time was our first trip to Paris the same time of year, some fifteen years ago.

So please come Saturday and find gifts you can’t find anywhere else. As my friend Josh so graciously recently said on Facebook:

My extremly talented friend Bruce Stebner has made yet another fabulous trip to the south of France and has many original paintings of the region ready in time for Christmas… Instead of the typical gifts of ugly sweaters or electronics that only last a few years and come from China, give instead, the gift that lasts generations, The gift of one of a kind works of art, by a local master. Who’s skill and artistry bring forth works that wont add to landfills but will appreciate, be appreciated, and bring beauty for centuries… ((grin)) (Ok thats a bit thick, but get over it the guy is good… )

Standing Tall, 20x30 oil on linen

Standing Tall, 20×30 oil on linen


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