Pushing the Envelope

Dooryard. Stebner. 5x7

Dooryard. Stebner. 5×7

I’ve been home from France less than three weeks and I’ve been painting all I can in between cancer surgery, catching up on weeding the gardens and planning the next painting trip to one of my favorite regions of France, the Perigord. I leave in less than two months. Who wants to see it with me?

My Kind of Farm. Stebner 5x7.

My Kind of Farm. Stebner 5×7.

This morning I finally received the pathology reports from my brilliant surgeon, Robert Abouassaly. Talk about the nick of time. Those aggressive interlopers had taken over nearly sixty percent of my prostate and pushed right up to the gland’s edge on one side, ready to burst out. Happily, all lymph nodes were negative. So we can count surgery a success as long as my PSA test next week comes back zero. I’m already thanking the Universe for zero.

Twilight in Mougny. 6x8 plein air pochade. Stebner

Twilight in Mougny. 6×8 plein air pochade. Stebner

PSA zero and life full speed ahead. I want you all to see the work I did in France as well as new inspiration since returning, from little 5×7’s to larger works. So I’ll be painting and framing all I can, getting ready not only for galleries, but my summer’s end show on August 30. You’re the first to know. Mark your calendars. I’d love to see many of you!

Safely Grazing. 9x12 Stebner

Safely Grazing. 9×12 Stebner

Normandy Hedgerows. Stebner 11x14

Riot of Roses, Normandy. Stebner 11×14

7 thoughts on “Pushing the Envelope

  1. Love, love, LOVE the bold brush strokes! Your paintings reveal color and strength of life. And congratulations on that big fat 0.

  2. Brucie! Good news indeed! So happy and relieved about your good report! Beautiful paintings!

    See you tonight, SW

    Susan Wallin divasue1@aol.com Swallin@Wooster.edu Mobile: 330-858-1920 WSVA: 330-864-0660

    “I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.” ~William James Sent from my iPad


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