Fourth of July 2014

20140608_143723Just over a week ago, I was savoring my last French coffee and buttery croissant in Paris before packing my brushes to return home from a month in France. I’d led two small groups on Artistic Adventures through some rural haunts of Normandy and Burgundy, as well as studying painting for a week, myself. The next day, I was sipping clear liquids from my sun drenched room at University Hospital in Cleveland, just hours after a successful prostatectomy.

20140603_112224You see, March’s blood tests were not what I’d hoped for. A spike in my PSA results called me to make decisions about new doctors and protocol. April’s MRI and biopsy only verified the fact that my Bavarian cancer cure a year ago was only temporary. All this was a parallel chapter playing secretly as we made final plans to celebrate our daughter’s May wedding and then take off on the French adventures I’d promised a dozen of my followers.

What changed not only my mind, but my FRAME of mind about surgery? At the end of my first consultation at University Hospital, after recommending surgery as my best long-term option(exactly what he knew I was avoiding), Dr. Hoimes said to me: “You’re a young man and you have many more paintings to create”. Brilliant! Ultimately, tail-gating surgery onto the jet-lag of my month in France was just another unexpected turn in the road and my mind was at that perfect spot to experience the unexpected and bring me to this blissful moment, today, snacking on dead-ripe watermelon in the garden. Quintessential Fourth of July fare.

The potager at Chateau Chatillon.

The potager at Chateau Chatillon.


4 thoughts on “Fourth of July 2014

  1. Take care Bruce. My dream is to travel around France which would be my 3rd visit. Hope you plan another trip in a year or two. Best to you
    Nancy A

  2.  Hi Bruce,   That’s a mighty big road-bump in your jet-set life..  We’re all glad you’re home eating watermelon today.  And your photos are truly Epic memories.   (Too Many- including my husband, Man’ar- are watching their P-count.)   Keep those memories fresh – Celebrate.! – 4th,5th,6th,etc.     /CL

  3. Bruce – I remain firmly convinced that your Uncle Bob would not have survived for another 40 years had he not undergone surgery, and been under the care of, University Hospitals. Fare well, cousin; we all bear witness to your courage…Bill Lee

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