IMG_4942Mania is hardly a word I would have ever associated with my career in January. Survival is more like it. That’s why I usually take off for France after the holidays. Business is just plain s-l-o-w. But this year, no. Besides deciding to get married, I was invited to participate in a wonderful event at Cleveland Botanical Garden: their annual Orchid Mania. It’s a unique event which features area designers creating vignettes which feature what else? Orchids!

IMG_4965I’ve had a great time not only making new colleagues, but accepting the challenge of a preselected background color and a small 6×10 foot space. Besides featuring my paintings and stoneware houses, I drew in that Stebner element of whimsy with a real French door opening to a trompe l’oeil canvas panel of our foyer. One of you readers owns a smaller version of the same painting. If that wasn’t enough to make you smile, add a painting of a young orchid gardener seen through a leaded glass window. Not to mention a certain study peering out of the open drawer… My kind of fun. My kind of Mania. I hope any of you in Ohio take time to see the show.

IMG_4954Especially on Wednesday evenings, when many designers will be present and the garden will offer special dinner menus and cash bar to add another layer of festivity to the event. Over a dozen top notch designers have united to present the inspiring show, with nonstop assistance from the perfectly lovely staff at the botanical garden. There isn’t a better way to beat the cold winter blah’s and blues than to refresh yourself with the promise of fresh blooms of Nature.

See you there!

14 thoughts on “ORCHID MANIA

  1. Beautiful. What a wonderful antidote for this interminable winter. You have created such a joyful environment. Sure to be a hit of the show and a pleasure for those who can view it in person.

  2. Oh Bruce! I wish I had one quarter the style you possess! Enchanting expression, as ever; I’m looking forward to taking my “winter antidote” trip to see the Gardens & this exquisite display in person. . . How long does Orchid Mania run? Kudos!!

  3. Very cool Bruce! Thanks for the peek in to your green room .. you lucked out getting those walls! It is so refreshing to see after being held hostage indoors this week by the arctic blast. Did you have to lug all the furnishings up there too?

  4. I loved your work and vignette at the botanical gardens today! It was a wonderful treat to see on a rainy day. I found it cheerful, elegant and smart!

  5. The orchids were stunning, but didn’t hold a candle to your vignette, Bruce. All others paled a bit in comparison! Worth the visit if you can make it — a fun outing in this particularly harsh winter!

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