Au Lapin Agile

Monmartre; Lapin Agile 11x14 Stebner oil on panel

Monmartre; Lapin Agile
11×14 Stebner oil on panel

IMG_0904In the midst of my first holiday event, the snow began to fall, on cue, Saturday afternoon. After we closed shop at the end of the day, I sat at the computer and found myself time-traveling to Montmartre, where I spent some wonderfully chilly days last January. Void of tourists, the artists’ square was all but abandoned, save a handful of the heartiest artists and a lovely black dog, who reminded me of our friend Laura’s Mirabelle.

The week to come will find us in warmer climes, mounting Knob Hill or Twin Peaks rather than Montmartre. We’ll spend Thanksgiving in San Francisco with musician/theater friends who live there taking in Chinatown, Union Square, theater and, if time permits, a drive up the northern coastline. Will it trump the romance and history of Monmartre?

7 thoughts on “Au Lapin Agile

  1. Bonnie and I always find a little romance at Scoma’s over Sand Dabs and a decent Pinot Blanc – enjoy, cousin! Someday, remind me to tell you of our rousing, though decidedly unromantic, experience in Montmartre…

  2. If you get up the coast you might find the little seaside town of Mendocino to be so beautiful and charming. We stayed at a place I describe as “magical” called The Brewery Gulch Inn. I highly recommend if time permits. Enjoy!

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