The bulk of artist’s life is, in most ways, like anyone else’s. Beyond the daily routine being just that, we face milestones like our beloveds’ and our own health calamities, births and deaths. Maybe what is different, beyond living in an artistic circle, is the way all life’s experiences become creative fodder or, at least, motivation. In my case, this year’s roller coaster has filled me with an immediacy to my creative drive heretofore unknown. Time really isn’t a limitless commodity.

Stebner in the Rockies

Having given Jim’s mom’s cold corpse a final farewell kiss several weeks ago, we welcomed our first grandchild, Hugh Thomas, into the world on his Colorado mountain top early this month, where I had my first crack at painting the Rockies. Returning home, some invisible magnetic drive has drawn me to my easel every day. All this may explain the blog suspension over the past month.

Hugh Thomas Stebner

This morning I found myself downloading images to the Sharon Weiss Gallery website. Now folks in Columbus, Ohio will have direct access to my work.  After writing this blog, it will be back to the easel, where I hope to wrap up a new commission…or accept the call to the wild and grab my art backpack an head for my roots in the Cuyahoga Valley.

I’m also reveling in the success of the first weekend of my show/sale Unfurled, which celebrates my cancer-clear state after visiting Klinik Marinus am Stein as well as a birthday which launches me into a new decade. The show continues next weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 2:00-5:00. This is the first(for at least another 10 years, last) time I’m offering a 20% discount to my clients, in gratitude for their support of my cancer treatment. There are a number of plein air paintings from that trip as well as more painted in my studio recalling the beautiful water and skies which were the backdrop to the many sailboats I watched navigate the Chiemsee two months ago. September, it’s off to Nantucket!

sailboats on Cheimsee

8 thoughts on “UNFURLED

  1. Bruce, I have so missed your posts! As usual, this was outstanding. Congratulations on being cancer free, on your next decade, on your phenomenal work, your grandchild, etc. etc. etc. And, may there be many more congratulatory etcs to come!

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