Higher than a Kite

Just a year ago I received the disconcerting call which began my cancer journey. That normal summer day, teaching at the local park, jolted my mind and emotions into a new chapter of life. But I was determined that I would not let Cancer become the dog and I its tail. No, it was an unwelcome interloper from that first moment I knew it might have invaded my body, and I was determined it would leave without diminishing my existence in the least iota. A bold, maybe even naive stand on my part, I know. But it was a stand I never wavered from for a moment.

Flying Kites, Monmartre, William James Glackens, 1906

Flying Kites, Monmartre, William James Glackens, 1906

Today, when I went to the gym, I felt higher than a kite. In spite of being surrounded by young muscle men, I was Superman. I had jumped higher than any building imaginable. You see, my doctor’s office called in the morning to tell me that my PSA result was 1.3.

Monet. Poplars at the Epte

Monet. Poplars at the Epte

“That’s amazing!”, I replied. “A little over a month ago, when I check into the cancer clinic in Germany, it was over 17!” The secretary’s matter-of-fact tone switched to one of subito amazement. She had no idea what was at stake with that blood draw yesterday afternoon.

For the record, a man a week from 60 is considered safe with a PSA under 4. Mine has dropped 16 points in five weeks after therapy!

So the celebration has begun. My victory is a shared victory. Everyone who supported me in any way- read this blog, bought a painting, fed me, given me ear- through this amazing voyage was a part of this story and you have my deepest thanks. And as for Cancer, himself, his destructive purpose was thwarted into a life-expanding, creative tour de force. Each day I rise from bed, pick up my brush, walk the dogs, or wile away the evening in the garden, I experience an intensity and singular purpose I never knew before. Far from diminishing me, Cancer has made me a more complete person. I was determined. But I realize I was also lucky.  For some reason, the gods smiled on me. And I’m smiling back.

Stebner at Giverny

23 thoughts on “Higher than a Kite

  1. Bruce, I am ecstatic, over joyed, jumping over buildings, giddy with delight. You are a wonderful person and this is the most wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You have many people in your life. Some you know, some you don’t!! This news makes this sunny day even brighter!!
    Peace and grace to you!!

    Doris Anderson

  3. Congratulations, Bruce. That is fabulous news!! You are a role model for the rest of us. Happy Birthday a week early! Susan

    • So happy for you Bruce. It’s amazing how life’s hurdles sharpens vision. Your attitude is certainly a big factor in this wonderful news. Colleen

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