Square Paintings in a Turning Wheel

Several of you have inquired what I’ve been up to since my last blog almost a month ago. Obviously, not writing!

Time Out. 30x30 oil on linen. available. Contact artist.

Time Out. 30×30 oil on linen. available. Contact artist.

My activity has been as varied as the weather. Lots of time with Jim between fruitful painting sessions. Day trips. Breakfast in the garden. Dinner with our inner circle.  All in all, delightfully energetic convalescence for both of us. I’m totally amused by the recent, slight side effects of my hormone block. This morning we laughed about  hot flashes. “I’ll bet being married to a man, you never thought you’d have to deal with a spouse in menopause!”, I quipped.

Summer in Brittany. 12x12 oil ob linen. Available. Consult the artist.

Summer in Brittany. 12×12 oil ob linen. Available. Consult the artist.

And it’s the height of summer, so I’ve been trying to keep up with the Mother Nature in the garden between rains.

Happy Sails. 12x12 oil on linen. Available.

Happy Sails. 12×12 oil on linen. Available.

Most poignantly, as we anticipate the celebration of my sixtieth birthday and the birth of our first grandchild in the coming weeks, we are ever aware of the great mandella turning. A poignant  cantus firmus drones under all the other joys of life, reminding us that Jim’s mother’s heart is beating her through the final hours of this life. She will, more than likely, only be with us in spirit on August 31st, when we celebrate what would be her 93rd birthday.

All this was inspired by an entry I read this morning on Facebook, posted by Patricia Darré, a metaphysical, French author I follow. Her words are always salve for the wounds of Life’s chaos. Forgiving my translation, here’s what she posted.

Question: Hello, I would like to know “the spiritual point of view” for people with disorders like Alzheimer who no longer recognize their relatives, or people in a coma. Are between the two worlds? Does it serve their evolution?

The “bugs” and degeneration of the physical body are both included in the “genetics” we choose in our incarnation, as I explain in the book, or are made useful for one’s evolutionary path even if here and now, we do not quite understand their purpose or reason.
This is not because a person does not recognize his surroundings, or is unaware that his soul is not connected. If the brain can not hear you over the soul, it gets you nonetheless.
We then communicate mind to mind, heart to heart … Know it.

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