Moving On

“Die größte Verlust fürs Leben ist das Hinausscheiben.” Lucius Anneaus Seneca

The greatest loss in life is to delay.

That’s the sign I read on the wall every day in therapy. I can’t help but thank State Farm for denying my long term care insurance rider because they discovered my elevated PSA, which led to my ultimate diagnosis and treatment( so everyone is entitled to at least one run-on sentence!). I sure had no symptoms that would suggest anything was wrong. Without that blood test, I’d be going about daily business with undetected cancer still be growing in me rather than finishing my last therapy treatment. My cancer was caught before it ever formed a proper tumor, much less had opportunity to metastasize.

Sunny at the Clinic!

Sunny at the Clinic!

Yesterday, I sat with Dr. Weber in his office to review my case. Extensive blood work shows an excellent report about my immune system as well as a perfect ultrasound report of clear organs. My final decision was to take the doctor’s precautionary advice and take a buserelin injection. It’s a european hormone blocker that will continue to prevent and kill any possible stray cancer cells in my body for eight weeks. “I don’t want you to have to do anything when you get home but take a PSA test in five weeks” he said. “You’re young and I don’t want you to have to come back!”

“The next time I come back will be to have a drink with you”, I replied with a smile and a hug.

My therapy is done. The sun is shining. After a tearful “Auf wiedersehen” lunch with my “cancer club” , the doctor’s son drives me to the Cheimsee.

By mid-afternoon, one of the biggest chapters of my life will be over and I’ll be painting the sunny Bavaria I remember from my youth.

"Last Supper" at the Clinic.

“Last Supper” at the Clinic.

21 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Wonderful news, Bruce! Continuing to pray for healing and renewal for you!
    Love, Rachel, Jacinto, & Manny

  2. Yay Bruce! The smile on your face says it all 🙂 Can’t wait to see your Bavaria paintings and photos!

  3. Dear Bruce, this is wonderful news & we are sitting under bright sunny skies which in a way must reflect your feelings at this moment in time!! We send hugs & happiness to you & a huge sigh of relief xxxxx Christopher & Frankie

  4. So so happy for you…What a great outcome and insurance companies only collect money; rarely pay it out..I hope for a long life for you and Jim…your cuz,susie

  5. What a wonderful report, Bruce! I will continue to keep you in my prayers until you are safely home in good old Ohio. Until then, enjoy some much deserved time soaking up the magnificent history of Bavaria!.

  6. Love you! So happy everything went well. What a difference in treatment approach from the U.S. I’m so happy that you were able to find doctors that truly care about their patients well being! Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

  7. Herr Stebner, I am SO HAPPY for you! I absolutely see your PSA test in five weeks to be completely normal!!!! Much love and safe travels.

  8. Hi Bruce! John and I have been praying for good news and it sounds like you got it…..stay strong and have a safe trip home…

  9. Yippee!!!! What a perfectly harmonious ending to this particular sojourn — with the added bonus of new friends to see in the future. So thrilled to hear of your clean bill of health, Bruce — enjoy the rest of your travels! We enjoyed a bit of time with Jimmie Lou while you were gone — and hope to hear more about your adventures when you return! Thanks for sharing your ever-beautiful impressions on your blog. . .

    • Thanks so much. And please mark you calendars for July 21 at 7:00. It’s my 60th birthday party and I’d be thrilled to have you and Ian there. Chez nous.

      Painting has been splendid here.

      Love, Bruce

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