Fevers and Mistletoe

Do to the incessant rain, I hung out at the clinic this afternoon, having tea, chat and dinner with some of my cancer clan.

Reviewing my little blue book which records all my treatments in a quiet corner mid-afternoon, I began absent-mindedly looking some of them up online. I realized, in this semi-rain-drugged state of mind, that some of you might be interested in my specific treatments. If not, feel free to skip this post. For those of you really interested, click on the bold hyperlinks for more info. Better yet, watch the videos at the blog’s end.

In general, cancer here is considered a condition of the entire person rather than a tumor, hence the treatments are a combination of therapies which deal with building the entire immune system, while directly killing the cancer tumor(s).

1. Transurethral hyperthermia is my direct prostate treatment. You heard a snippet about it a couple days ago. In my case, it consists of two two hour sessions heating my prostate to 110 degrees fahrenheit to “fever” the cancer cells to death. My second, and last, is tomorrow morning.

2. Thymus injections are given every morning to build the immune system.

3. Two mistletoe injections spread over the week kill cancer cells directly and build the immune system.

4. Three O2 blood drips given in conjunction with alternating intravenous vitamin C and selenium drips super-oxygenate my blood to fight off free radicals and further strengthen my immune system so my body, itself, can help defeat the cancer. My free-radical count was 356 when I arrived- the second highest level.

6. Daily focused localized Magnetic Field Therapy , oxygen and bio magnetic mat sessions help arrest cancer cells’ ability to reproduce. Take it or leave it.

Happily, my cancer was detected early enough that the doctor doesn’t see cause for chemo or hormone therapy, which are part of several of my colleagues’ protocol.

Here’s a little clip about hyperthermia, the last half of which concerns transurethral hyperthermia, specifically.

Even more fascinating, when you have the inclination and 17 minutes to spare, watch this beautiful program about mistletoe. It’s well worth the time and makes me very honored to have had it be part of my initial cancer treatment. Bless my sore right arm, which carried my first injection.

And now I lay me down to sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day.

3 thoughts on “Fevers and Mistletoe

    • Yes, it’s amazing in a very subtle way. Sometimes you wonder if anything’s happening with the therapy, but you see people getting better as their bodies take over again. This clinic, in particular, is integrative; it brings the best of both worlds together in one place. Thanks for being there with me.

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