And Your little Dog,Too!

IMG_1117Well, this isn’t about threatening innocent little dogs, at all. But I know I looked like Margaret Hamilton dragging poor little Toto off in the basket today, as I rode my bike back from my first Bavarian painting venture this afternoon. Having already staked out a wide brimmed shed near the Inn River, earlier this morning, where I could paint even in the rain, I didn’t realize how hard the rain had picked up until it was all too late. So picture me after at days end in my long hooded slate-colored raincoat with with my knapsack of painting supplies on may back on a nice Dutch (girl’s) bike, gratis the clinic, with my paint box-not Toto-in the rear basket, peddling down the lane pell- mell in a steady downpour.

Funny thing is, as my knees got wetter with with each pump of the pedals, crossing narrow bridges, passing cow barns and lanes of laughing pear trees, my face was covered in little boy glee, thinking how lucky I was to be almost 60 and riding a bike in the rain after a painting session with my heart chock-full of carefree, juvenile bliss. There’s nothing like coasting through puddles, breathing in wet farmyard musk, lifting already wet feet in the air, in a pointless effort to miss the splash of the wormy, muddy wake, to take decades off your life, if only for that moment.

Happily, the moment lives on. Unfortunately, there was no photographer to capture the moment, so I leave it to your imagination. All I have to offer is this silly arms-length one I took for Jim while painting-which never texted through. So this one’s for you, Jimmy-Wimmy. I love our life!


18 thoughts on “And Your little Dog,Too!

  1. Hope things are going well. You write so beautiful, that I could picture you riding that girl’s bike in the rain!!! I so hope everything goes well and you come safely home to the ones that love you. cuz, susie

    • It’s really criminal to be enjoying cancer treatment so much. This little clinic is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. The doctor actually got me my turpentine so I could paint! I’ll have to come for confession when I get home. Here’s to burning those little buggers out completely.


  2. I love your posts! They are so evocative, eloquent, and quite often, very humorous. I agree with Susie. I could absolutely picture you on the bike with a gleeful smile on your face. And, my guess is the pear trees were laughing with you and took joy in your joy! Blessings!!!

  3. Sorry have not written sooner, but we are following your travels & we are so happy to see & hear that you are, as always, throwing yourself into your new surroundings & making the most of every situation. Your bike ride sounds like heaven & I think we have all shared a moment of pure childish glee like the one you describe so well. Thinking of you our friend….we send limousin hugs Christopher & Frankie xx

    • The world is a wonderful place and my life is filled with wonderful people like you two. Just today I filed out a review for you on Trip Advisor or whoever that was. I’ll be back before you know it. Has your lake refilled with all the rain?

      Cheers, Bruce

      • Look forward to reading your review (yes it was for tripadvisor) so thanks for that. The French weather has been atrocious! We had our first warm & sunny day today for ages so took ourselves off to some brautiful gardens about 45 mins drive from us. We both said that you will love them when your here next & they have loads of painting possibilities!! Keep smiling you lovely man xx

  4. It’s not letting me like…..but that’s ok cuz I LOVE it!!!! You painted a nice visual but I have one question…..did you get lines of mid streaks on the back if all your clothes? If so that’s classic!!!

    • Good morning, Emily!

      I forgot that you have to be a blogger to do that! Hope you’re doing well. Sounds like it’s time to keep off your feet a little more.

      Today is another “light day” of therapy before Monday’s hyperthermia treatment, which is a little intense. The first time, I was just hellbent on doing it but this time I know what to expect, so I won’t be quite so tense when it actually happens. Still hellbent, all the same- time to kill all those unwanted, freaky cells! The rain is supposed to let up later today. Pretty please with sugar on top!

      I think of you often and am excited for the new Stebbie to arrive, safe and sound. A Stebbie in the Rockies- imagine that! We’ll plan a trip to see you when you get settled with the little one and it’s convenient for all. Just know we’re so very happy for you both. It sounds like the perfect place for you and Aaron to live.

      Give Aaron a big hug for me.

      Love to both, Dad

  5. Leave it to our imagination? You painted that scene perfectly. . .

    I regret missing your sale; but it was great to see you at the designer showhouse. Nonetheless, I’m thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way to help you through your treatment.

    Not that you need positive vibes . . . you seem to be creating those on your own.



  6. I wish I could have seen that bike ride. Thank goodness you are much more attractive than Margaret Hamilton so it wouldn’t have been frightening! Your words made me feel your pure happiness, though. Love you!

  7. I can picture it! Bruce, rain-soaked, gleeful, boyish grin, cycling haphazardly down a country lane. You paint a great picture, Bruce (pun intended)! Love you!


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