How I Celebrate Corpus Christi


IMG_1107As I walked the country lane from my apartment to the clinic this morning, passing cows grazing the damp fields guarded by the foggy alps beyond, I was greeted the Bavarian “Gruß Gott” by people in their native folk costumes instead of modern day attire. I thought of my surprise feast of St. Blaise in Provence two years ago. Once I got to the clinic, trying to normalize my deflowering by catheter for my first hyperthermia treatment, I asked the good doctor what the holiday was. The Feast of Corpus Christi. Well, as I lay still for two hours while my prostate was heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit to kill off my unwanted cancer cells, I mused over how different would be this day for that gentleman in loden green armed with an ancient rifle and myself: he and his gun somehow affirming his beliefs in a parade for transubstantiation and I, armed with this strange hyperthermia machine lying still for two hours quietly driving cancer-demons from my own all-but-holy body. My greatest sacrament will be to get out on the foot paths this weekend and transform oozing tubes of paint paint into visual memories celebrating the most important pilgrimage of my life.


9 thoughts on “How I Celebrate Corpus Christi

  1. Oddly, absent the architecture, that view is reminiscent of the Koolau Mountains on the windward side of Oahu…

  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your surroundings and your positive attitude is contagious. Hang in there, we will be thinking of you at the WOD.

  3. As ever, your words and images transport us to a place of poetry. Your pilgrimage is soul-filled and profound. Our thoughts and prayers speed you on your way. And we look forward to all the visions we’ll see!!

  4. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I commend you on your positive outlook and your words reflect that you are in a great place. Wishes of good health and strength
    are sent your way.

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