Progress: Poco a Poco


Look out every window of our house and riots of blossoms of every sort are waving in the spring breezes. Turning away from my easel, I catch an audience of pink dogwoods craning their necks to pick up painting tips. It’s an exciting time to be an artist. The world is so alive that there just isn’t enough time to paint all the subject matter filling my senses.


Save gardening, Monday through Wednesday I was able to dedicate to my painting commission. With client approval, it will be finished soon. Now it’s at the stage which requires more critical looking than brush strokes. One of the challenges of the project has been rendering the layers of white created by the arbor, fountain and park furniture in front of the house, itself. Happily, all those whites on the middle ground are sandwiched in by the riot of tulips in front and the peaceful muted trees in the background.  As my eye travels back and forth, contemplating the next brush stroke, I realize my next move: trade hoe for brush and rest my eyes and mind with the zen of weeding. I’ll paint again in the morning.



11 thoughts on “Progress: Poco a Poco

  1. I love your painting and your yard. What are the lovely blue flowers in front of your arbor? I have those in my yard but I don’t know what they’re called.

  2. I’m with you Bruce – Spring is the most heavenly time of year! I love the view out your upstairs window .. pink dogwoods are so beautiful and I think I see some wisteria blooming over on the right. There’s a house on Sunnyside near the corner of Merriman that has the most gigantic wisteria. It grows up, up the trees and is as tall as the house there. It’s a stunning backdrop! Love you commission painting as well. I can see the difficulty in trying to make all those different tints of white work together yet be distinguishable from one another .. but you have!

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