Sight Unseen

Now that the Showhouse is up and running, my reservations are set for treatment in Germany, and I’ve been out painting in the fields a few days, it’s time to get back to the easel and begin a new commission. This one’s gonna be fun.

When a client asks me to paint their house, I always say “yes” whether I’ve seen it or not. I waited almost half a year for spring to come before I saw my new subject. And a worthy subject it is. The question that flooded my mind, when I arrived, was “Which part do I paint”? Everywhere I looked I saw a potential painting, inside and out.

IMG_4054Ultimately, we decided on this view, in which a magnificent tulip bed anchors the gracious sprawl of the house beyond.

IMG_4072A quick little 8×10 oil sketch was a first proof for the selection, followed by sketching in the full-size version. Stay tuned for the next stage. My goal: finish before I leave town, of course!


13 thoughts on “Sight Unseen

  1. Bruce …I’m disappointed that I will be out of town for your show, but am so glad to have bought several of your beautiful masterpieces at Showhouse.

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