Curtain Up!

Marlène does Ohio

Yesterday was the opening day of the Jr. League of Akron Designer Showhouse 2013. You may recall my lament a week or so ago about being confined indoors when it was glorious outside and I wanted to be painting en plein air instead of on the ladder. But the only thing that makes me smile as much as going off on a painting jag is meeting an appreciative public who want to collect a piece or two of my patois art.

And speaking of my art, I’m being a good boy and updating the gallery page on this blog for those of you who live out of town to shop. For everyone in the area, I hope you’ll mark you calendars for my spring show “Rustic Corners”, May 24 from 5-7 and May 25 from 10-4. The show will be a bon voyage and sales will fund my upcoming cancer therapy trip May 28- June 9.


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