Singin’ in the Rain

IMG_0136Yesterday was quintessential spring in Ohio. The kind writer’s write about and singers sing about. And a plein air painter’s dream-come-true. Today, that cerulean sky has faded to gray and there’s the most gentle, persistent, all-day spring shower, the flip-side of spring’s song. Our live’s on Dorchester continue to flip back and forth, as well.

As the forsythia began to toss its buttery tendrils in the breeze a few weeks ago and I was busy creating my Gustavian-inspired Stebner art gallery at the designer show house,  Jim’s life was falling back into a happy, new normal and, though entering the autumn of our life, our hearts beat like youths’ for one another after facing the potential goodbye of eight weeks ago. However, no amount of golden sun-rays, jonquils or forsythia could overt the violent-gray storm cloud which had been threatening to ravage our nest for the better part of a year. Indeed, biopsies, C-T scans and bone scans confirmed what my elevated psa had been warning all along: I have a contained prostate carcinoma. Contained-good. Cacinoma-bad. The star magnolias I see out my window start to drop their petals in the rain.

DSCN2595But the little boy who tirelessly drew the cottages and castles he saw in his sleep, refuses to let the dragons of life’s waking hours impede his romance with life. As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, I was blessed with well-balanced parents, who let me dream- as long as I was working towards the dream’s goal. No room for cheap talk in our family. Consequently, recent waking hours, when I wasn’t preparing for the show house opening, were spent in vigilant research for other options to surgery or radiation until I found one that rang true to me. I found a combination of non-surgical therapies built around a hyperthermia procedure which has proved effective and without side effects for over twenty two years…inGermany. Not available in this country.

So, bref, bottom line, in short,as they say in France, I head for a cancer clinic in Bavaria in four weeks to undergo a weeklong series of therapy. The men I’ve talked to who have done it, confirm that it’s so gentle, they play golf and bike in the afternoons, after treatments. More importantly, their psa is now totally normal and they are cancer-free. You know what I’ll be doing in the afternoon, after mine. Off on a bike with my paints and brushes to capture the beauty of mountains and lakes I haven’t visited for thirty-five years.

Be forewarned; don’t anyone try to rain on my parade. I’m bearing my cancer-cloud just fine, excited as a kid waiting for Santa to see how this all turns out. And as resolved as Sir Galahad to find my Holy Grail.


27 thoughts on “Singin’ in the Rain

  1. This is so beautiful, Kil. You are such an incredible man and I love you more than ever. This autumn thing of our life is pretty great! Jim

  2. Singing in the rain is one thing, singing with JOY in the rain is something only the truly blessed seem able to do convincingly. So I’ll be praying for endless choruses from you, Bruce, with Jim joining in the special harmony that is you together. Peace be with you, my friends.

  3. The best of luck to you!!! Some of the European countries have much better cancer care, more natural than we have her. I’m sending positive vibes your way.

    Marika in Colorado

  4. Balanced, harmonized, & beautiful: you & Jim are an inspiration!! And you know our thoughts and prayers of healing & continued, INSPIRED living go with you on your latest adventure. I’ll look forward to hearing ALL about it and seeing the art that your detailed German eye focuses on in Bavaria. Love you both to the UTMOST & know that your friends are here for you always!!

  5. Bruce, FINALLY getting your Blog posts – just found out about Jim’s ordeal recently and now this. You make me smile with such positivity so I will not bring you down …. Please know that if there is anything I can do to make things “easier” please just ask! I love doggies, I love gardens, I clean like a char woman and I can cook vegan! I wish you BOTH well and hope that you will call on me to do SOMETHING as it will make ME feel better. I am just a phone call / email away. May God be with you.

  6. I love how you embrace the beauty of life!! It is truly the blessed among us that can find this beauty in all of life’s seasons! You are an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful our paths have crossed! Peace be with you on your journey to Bavaria. We love you both!!

  7. You have already proved that there is nothing that you can’t do together…SO…watch out cancer! I think you have met your match! Love and prayers to you both…Liz

  8. God speed. Looking forward to seeing the two of you in a matter of days like old times, but everything is different. Love to both.

  9. My dear Bruce, I am so blessed to have such influential and permanently optimistic people in my life. I pray for a full recovery, many more springs and some peace for you and Jim. Xoxox- Rachel

  10. Good luck on your treatment in Germany. The treatment sounds very positive and with you great attitude I know you will be fine. Katharine and I are thinking of you and Jim!
    Susan and Katharine

  11. Illness is a journey, marked by stops, foul weather and sidetrips to unknown places. It marks one with an appreciation for what was and an anticipation for what will

  12. Will send warm thoughts and prayers for successful treatment. I’ll be in Ohio briefly with my mom next week – wish you had a show going when I’m back east to see all your beautiful work. Many blessings, Vicky

  13. I love your posts and I love how you are taking on your journey! Universal blessings to you! And, I will be at your benefit. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you.

    By the way, your writing is as beautiful as your artwork. Have you considered writing and being published!

    Best to you and Jim! See you soon!

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