Old Money

Stebner 11x14 oil on linen. Morning Light.

Stebner 11×14 oil on linen. Morning Light.

Since March 1st, every Friday has been an anniversary at our house. Today was the sixth Friday since Jim’s aorta dissected and he underwent emergency surgery. The weeks since then have been not only filled with caregiving, but also creating. It’s what makes bizarre times have a shred of normalcy for an artist. I’m within a week of competing a huge project.


I’ve been drafted into designer territory again, transforming the foyer, stairway and upstairs hall of the Jr. League of Akron’s 2013 Designer Showhouse into a Stebner Gustavian fantasy. The property, a lovely old Tudor Revival, hadn’t been changed in decades. Consequently, I’ve been busy turning 70’s-80’s green, gold and shiny brass into shades of white, linen and iron to support an unabashed collection of Stebner artwork and antiques: an illusion of”old money”, as a colleague described my design aesthetic some years ago. That’s delicious.


There’s more than one way to get a one-man-show in this town, even if you have to paint the walls yourself!

11x14 oil on linen. Going Dutch

11×14 oil on linen. Going Dutch

7 thoughts on “Old Money

  1. My mom was a Junior League member!!
    She would be so happy to know you were working on the house!!

    Peace and grace to you both.

  2. Lovely as always! I am looking forward to visiting the Designer House, as well as warmer weather when we can paint outside again! Love to you both,


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