Last Day in the Country

One last day town-hopping through the countryside has increased my concern for packing my bags. Simultaneously, I’m lamenting the Brocantes left behind, including this settee and a stack of linen-lined antique baskets used to raise baguettes. Now I know there was no way to have the first without a container, but how great the the baskets would have been at all our tables! Had I only brought that long duffle suitcase, they’d be in it.

But of everything I’ve seen this trip, this little enclave of medieval cottages built on a river dam fuels my imagination the most. Sitting next to a porcelain studio, they would make the perfect Patois art enclave: a place to live, paint, sell, teach and house traveling students. And I could fill them with all those tattered treasures I couldn’t bring home!



3 thoughts on “Last Day in the Country

  1. Oh, I do like that settee!

    I am a basket collector myself and can find numerous purposes for them. I must remember to bring back at least one for myself.

    thank u for the wonderful pictures!

    Look forward to the next ones. 🙂

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