Pan de Bois

Two days in Bourges have delivered a winter’s feast of gothic splendor. Palaces of Bourbon kings, museums of medieval and modern art as well as streets on former Roman ramparts, now lined with pan de bois houses from centuries later. My feet and ankles ache from walking miles on granite cobbles.

In less than an hour, I’ll don my shoes and saddle my bags to head to the Europcar office to pick up my little steed which I’ll ride to my next destination in the Auvergne countryside, where no trains approach.

Still no idea what my facelift story could be?


3 thoughts on “Pan de Bois

  1. What suddenly came to me looking at your post, was the beauty and wonder of the scenes that make me long to see them in person, but then I realized, that there are probably people who would say the same about where I live. Maybe it’s true—we thrive best in the garden where we were planted.

    • Thanks for your insight and response. The important thing is to be genuine and follow your own inner light wherever it takes you on this life journey. Most of my days are spent at home in my studio, garden or kitchen, alone or with friends and family. Every day counts!

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