Pasadena to Paris

2013 is already off to a fast start. After a luxuriously, leisurely holiday, we took off for 5 days in Pasadena to see our son and daughter-in-law. Aaron and Emily have lived there since late July and it was not only our first time seeing them since the move, but also my first trip to California, altogether. I was happily surprised with what I found there. Besides enjoying great kids, Pasadena is quite beautiful from architecture, to food, to the mountains I awoke to every morning.

Pacific Asian Museum courtyard, Pasadena

Pacific Asian Museum courtyard, Pasadena

Our return on Tuesday left only three days to switch gears and get ready for my winter trip to France. That left time to  discover a plumbing leak in the upstairs which required us to don our toolbelts and rip out a ceiling downstairs so the plumber can do his thing next week. The next day,  Jim hit the deck on an icy sidewalk, putting him out of business for a solo recital next Wednesday… Somehow sitting at the airport alone right now seems unusually calm, providing me time to get in my traveling state of mind. Assuming I’ve packed all my essentials. But I made my list and checked it way more than Santa’s twice, so buckle your seat belts and join me as I trek through central France, tout seul.

Any guesses or requests this time?

5 thoughts on “Pasadena to Paris

  1. Just returned from 12 days in Nice myself, my simple wish for you is all the best France has to offer to sate all your appetites.

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