One glorious day this summer, in the shadow of our summer painting excursion in France, I took Griffin to Turkeyfoot Island on Portage Lakes to paint. Knowing it was a private Island, I realized we could get the boot, but figured we might as well give it a go, nonetheless. What a serendipity awaited us. Not only was the home owner on whose parking space we had trespassed to paint pleased to have us there that day, but he also gave me carte blanche permission to return anytime. Later in the autumn, when Jim and I were out enjoying the leaf season, I returned and photographed the location for later studio painting sessions.

Over the months, Tom and I have volleyed emails and phone messages in which he expressed interest in seeing the final paintings of his piece of Heaven, but timing has been a challenge. Finally today he was able to make his way to the studio to see my paintings and pottery. The serendipity continued. He drank in our gardens in winter as well as our house, which one designer-friend dubbed as having “old money” style. Tom, Jim and I instantly enjoyed the friendly chatter that often happens only among friends you’ve known for a very long time. And by the end of the day, he won the record for purchasing the most paintings by one person in a day- six in all; some to keep and others to give. I hope each of you are on a friend’s Christmas list like his!

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