Down to the Wire

This week is pregnant with anticipation. The sort we felt as children awaiting a birthday or Christmas. The sort every performer feels the moments before going onstage or an athlete before a game. My adrenaline is up as I finish final details for this season’s Forever French   show/sale. For months I’ve been preparing for this weekend’s event with Boyd Mackus of Mackus Company  which will benefit a unique organization in Akron:  Women’s Endowment Fund.

This organization was begun twenty years ago by 100 women in the city who each gave $1000 to start a fund to help girls and women in the greater Akron area. Their initial $100,000 fund has grown over the years, as has their positive influence in women’s lives in Akron. Their current goal is to raise $2,013,000 by the spring of 2013. My friend, Elly Mackus, who suggested they be the next recipient of my art sales benefit, tells me they are three fourths of the way there. In the silence of preparation, I wonder who will come and how much we can raise…Has the word gotten to the right people?

The Lane at the Edge of Town 20×24 oil on linen Stebner

Now we’re getting down to the wire, I still have a kiln load of pottery to fire, a painting to finish along with several to frame. I’ve also assumed the antique portion of the sale this year since dissolving a long distance partnership with contacts in Atlanta. It will be more efficient to do it all from home base. Of course putting my French antiques for sale means I’ll have to return to France on a buying trip in January to restock for the next event. Darn!

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