The Final Stroke

Painting a commission is a tenuous venture. After the flattery and excitement that someone likes your work enough to hire you to paint something very special to them, you try to get to know them in as little as one meeting, so you have a chance of creating a painting which will please them. This facet of beginning the process with a client to please makes it different from any other creative venture. I’m fortunate to have pleasant clients.

I missed the mark a bit on the recent canvas you’ve been watching me paint. Only by degrees, but a few degrees can make the difference between a contented client or not. And on a personal level, it can thwart one’s confidence to judge as well as create. But then, I’m a middle child who has lived my life as a firstborn, so I own my part.

Less dahlias in the foreground, more shadows on the right and more treillage exposed on the fence- almost there.

The painting,as it stood when I sent an image to the client(see last blog post), ended up being a little too intense in hue and overly populated with plants for their taste. Hard to believe I could get carried away, isn’t it? The weekend was spent reworking those issues in preparation for a face to face viewing on Monday. Happily, I’d read the concerns accurately and our meeting Monday brought a smile to my gentle client’s face. Having tweeked one last spot to her husband’s desire since then, I should have two satisfied clients tomorrow afternoon when the delivery is made.

I’m rather liking commissions of Akron homes. As we chatted yesterday, I told Beth that, when I die, anyone who sees Akron through the eyes of my paintings of it will be quite smitten with our town. She said the painting gave her a lot to live up to in her gardening next year. That was the vote of confidence I was waiting for.

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