To Paint a garden: New Commission

My next subject

Having no sooner completed “Sunset View”, then I paid a visit to a new client who has ordered a painting of her garden. The property is a lovely french country home designed by Jack Arnold. But the commission is to paint the garden, not the house. having strolled the grounds, we agreed on this view, which captures not only the garden with it’s structures, but also the house in the background. I like it. But the challenge, obviously, is to create a garden in the height of its season, rather than after a dry, hot summer. Often, I resort to memory for this. This time, I concocted a little photographic aid. I took a stroll through my neighborhood to capture shots of remaining plants in bloom, printed them all and began to cut and paste. Very low tech, to be sure. But it works for my purposes. Here’s what I ended up with to create a charcoal sketch of the composition.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention one of the unique conditions of this commission: The husband, a process engineer, wants to track the actual creative steps of the painting. Voilà, stage one: the charcoal sketch.

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