Sunset View

Sunset View
24×36 Stebner oil on archival oil primed linen board

The original subject. The low-slung ’60’s pool house became a perennial garden which set the stage and piqued the romance of the house, itself.

When an artist begins to paint a piece, there’s a lot of brushwork occurring to get on canvas what one sees in the subject. Somewhere in the process, less looking at the subject, more time between brush strokes and a lot more looking at the canvas leads to the final stroke. Because in the end, the final canvas is what matters. It’s not so much if it looks exactly like the actual object as if it is pleasing to the eye. Are the objects convincing enough? Yes. But even more, has one created a harmonious composition with enough interest to capture the onlookers’ attention. And ultimately, has something been expressed about the subject which draws the viewer into the piece enough that they leave their own reality long enough to step into yours. When that happens, the piece is finished.

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