Foxy Paintings

Afternoon Stroll 5×7 oil on linen panel. Stebner $150 unframed


Paintings continue to sell. I received an email at breakfast holding one. Another client has been asking me to paint foxes. They’ve been a nice balance to working on the large house commission I wrote about earlier this week.


What was That? 6×8 oil on canvas covered panel
Stebner $200 unframed

Details are taking shape. Adjustments have been made to the house. The garden is starting to emerge from the dark underpainting.


4 thoughts on “Foxy Paintings

  1. Hi Bruce, Christopher & Frankie here from the Limousin! Lovely so see how busy you are & how versatile you are on any subject….the painting of the lake here is now prominently displayed & getting lots of great comments. Hope to welcome you again soon…all our love the limousin lovelies xx

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