The Perigord vs. Quercy

The past two days have been high gear painting for Grif and myself, in spite of intermittent showers. As Grif said on the way home today, ” The storms here are very civilized”. I think I may have a new francophile on my hands.

one of seven or eight” houses” in this village…

As for my own amore for the country, southwest France has not failed me, pas de toutOur little house in Carlux sits on the border of the departments Perigord and Lot(Quercy). It’s rather amazing that crossing the A20 pretty much divides the two.  Going from one to the other is like having a latte or an espresso. Quercy is the Perigord on steroids: steeper hills, sharper turns, higher cliffs-Patois heaven. I like my espresso black, thank you. And I’m crazy about the Lot.

Here’s are some of the latest works of our hands. Fighting for the sun is paying off.

Grtiffin Bryant, Bridge over the Dordogne

Same Bridge, Stebner

Petite Village, Stebner. plein air panel
8×10 $300 unframed

Four Poplars, 6×8 plein air, Stebner
$200 unframed

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