Dodging Dordogne Raindrops

I’ve never paid more attention to weather reports than when traveling thousands of miles to paint. In eleven days, the gods have been more than good to us. Today and tomorrow have been promising rain at last, but when I awoke to sun, I donned my rosy colored glasses.

It wasn’t a particularly early rise, but early enough for us to get to the edge of town for a sweaty painting session overlooking a small valley. As Grif finished and packed his bag, the clouds moved in and by the time we’d made our way to Dome, it was sprinkling.




Dome has been on my visit list for some years. It’s one of the fifteen plus beaux village en France in this region. So it’s pretty beautiful, even by French standards. The town’s medieval walls and gates perch on a high precipice over the Dordogne River. Although we dodged raindrops most of our time there, we had the unexpected treat of a French brocante fair – a really nice flea market. I caved for a set of lovely parisian bone handled knives(Why do I most always buy knives, forks or spoons in France?) and a lovely 1890’s watercolor by a well-known regional artist, Charles Lobbedez.



The rain stopped long enough for us to paint at the river after lunch then wend our way home, gawking at the chateaux perching over every rocky cliff. It’s early evening now and the drizzle continues to mesmerize us. As I sip the local rosé, it dawns on me that I haven’t shared any paintings yet. Oops!


Normandy Farm, 8×10 plein air oil panel. Stebner
$300 unframed, $375 framed


Dordogne Fishing Boats, 6×8 plein air oil, Stebner
$200 unframed, $250 framed

And Griffin’s success of the day…

9 thoughts on “Dodging Dordogne Raindrops

  1. What is it about a brocante market on a rainy day that draws us to those fabulous non-necessities we simply cannot resist?

  2. Beautiful town, thanks for sharing photos and pictures of your paintings. I notice also that you frequently include a little dog photo.
    Wish NW Akron had some of that rain – still dry as a stick here 😦
    After catching up w/ your blogs, I was recalling (being that today is July 4 and the downtown fireworks are in full swing) that I still know the first verse and refrain of La Marseillaise .. which I learned in grade school!

  3. I’m seeing southern France in the mornings through your eyes, and northern France in the evening through the eyes of leTour!

  4. Domme is amazing indeed.
    Funny I used to have the same pic as the ones you took of the Dordogne valley from Domme as my old blog’s banner.

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