Paris It Is

Last February you may recall that I woke up to the sound of rifles in Monfort sur Argens, celebrating the feast day of of St. Blaise. This morning we awoke to unusually loud Parisians dressed in white collecting on our little square in Monmartre. The gods were giving Jim a feast day of his own- the Monmartre classic car convention! I guess when you only really have one day in Paris, the sun should shine, breeze should blow and antique/vintage cars should collect outside your window.

And being Sunday, we were serenaded throughout the day by church bells, street entertainers and a concert of baroque lute and soprano songs.

For Griffin and my part, our trip to my favorite museum in Paris, the Musée Marmottin, proved to be a visual jackpot of its own. Not only were there Monet’s water lilies to absorb, but also a special exhibit of my favorite painter of all time, Berthe Morisot.

To date, some of my favorite Griffinisms include: “I’ll never eat pizza again in Ohio after pizza here… I bet I’ll loose weight when I go home, because food won’t taste this good… I want to bring my mom, dad and brother here.” And at lunch today, he concluded, “I could get used to this…”

To quote Jim, at the end of a perfectly ordinary day, “Don’t you love our life?”

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