Normandy: Catch and Release

A week without wifi was been a week full of bucolic painting sessions and walks on the mountain. All can be summed up in the  tender experience we had in Honfleur where we witnessed a young boy catch a lovely fish and, before releasing it, kiss it farewell.

Having parted ways with Cindy yesterday, this morning we kissed our Norman landlady, Dominique, farewell, then watched our mill, a very Stebner, man-sized sort of birdhouse fade into the distance as we headed down the hedge-lined lane, watching the cows,goats, sheep and horses fade into the distance.

Watching road signs as we traveled the A13 interstate back to Paris, I was reminded of the Wednesday evening we had Monet’s Giverny to ourselves to paint until the last gardener wheeled in his wheelbarrow.

As we entered the Isle de France, the pace picked up as we approached Paris. With Jim’s steady co-piloting, we surrendered the car keys at the Europcar office without a bad turn, taxied to Monmartre to our lovely Hotel Regyn’s; home for the next three city-paced days. As I publish this blog, the bells outside our window are tolling as they have done for centuries.

Kissing goodbye to one memory opens the door for the next. I’m crazy about sharing the things I love so much with Jim and Griffin. We’re a curious three musketeers, I’m sure.

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