Bon Voyage

After several months, the stairs are framed and in this lovely ladies home. Her staircase is almost identical- only nicer!

Yesterday I made two house calls and sold two birdhouses and two paintings. Today carries all the excitement and promise of a great adventure. My sister, Linda, kindly volunteered to take Jim, Griffin and me to the airport this afternoon. At this point, we’re tying up all the last minute details. Of course, the only thing we can’t forget are credit cards and passports. But since it’s a painting trip, there are more painting supplies than clothes. I pack really light in that department. People will get sick of my shorts, jeans and navy t shirts.

Speaking of passports, Griffin’s mom emailed me a little over a week ago when she realized that his passport had expired. Yikes. Thankfully, the new one was expedited and arrived early this week. By the next time I write, we’ll be in a lovely mill in Normandy out in the middle of nowhere.

Just a week ago we were sealing our lives together in Chicago.

7 thoughts on “Bon Voyage

  1. Hope your trip is going well. Do I recognize Sanary and some Montpellier stairs in the paintings? Looking forward to your trip blogs.

  2. Hope you like Noemandy as much as we do. Having lived here for 6 years, there are many things to see and do, and for the artistic people like yourself, the landscapes are breathtaking. We went to the Chausey Islands lasy week, and in my humble opinion, you could spend the rest of your life painting landscapes of the Chauseys without ever getting bored. Good luck, a bientot

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