Guest Artist

Here are a few pictures from the Chamber Music Society of Ohio French music event last night where I was the guest artist-visual artist, not musician. My paintings were on exhibit from inside the lovely French inspired guest house venue to the stone walls in the garden. My photographer wasn’t as much into capturing the crowd as me staked out near the back of the garden most of the evening, up to my usual trick of painting en plein air. Happily, the piece I did on site sold before dinner as a birthday present to an admiring guest, interested in joining my next trip to France. Fifteen percent of the sales that night went back to the CMSO.

Remember my angst about the other artist? Well, let’s just say that when he strode in wearing a blue blazer studded with medals and a minor entourage following two steps behind him, I thought for a split second that I’d time-warpped onto the stage of  Ohio Light Opera or the Savoy and was in the presence of the captain of the Pinafore: a very major model of the modern major general, indeed. I was never prouder to be in my straw hat painting apron. And never more content to be me.

 Speaking of content, my next blog will track a big day. Thursday  Jim and I will celebrate our civil union in Chicago before heading for France next week!

“Love Our Life” Jim says all the time. And for good reason.

8 thoughts on “Guest Artist

  1. So glad your evening en plein air was a success, and MARVELOUS news about you and Jim. Mes meilleures felicitations!

  2. Congratulations Bruce & Jim! You are a wonderful couple and I adore you both! Your CMSO adventure turned into a great triumph (although a not-unexpected one in my opinion) for you. Vivent le chapeau de paille et un tablier de peinture !

  3. Dearest Bruce and Jim,
    Your brilliant, smiling faces in the church garden tell it all! Congratulations for a continued happy, loving life together.

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