Which Comes First…: the Answer

self portrait. 6×8

Still playing with self-portraits

While making a quick pass through Facebook this morning, I came across this quote from the Center of Academic Study and Naturalistic Painting. All future blogs will begin to trace preparations for our June painting trip to France. Promise.

 The ultimate goal of the CAS is to provide artists with an education that allows them to pursue and produce an art that serves the public, elevates society and reestablishes the standards of art as a visual language that can be understood and felt beyond any boundaries.  It is our belief that craft precedes artistry, knowledge precedes inspiration, observation precedes invention and a process-based art always yields a higher standard of work.

Potting Shed, oil on linen panel, 8×10
$300, unframed

As I put the final touches of a few paintings for my plein air painting concert with the Chamber Society of Ohio this Sunday, this quote is my inspiration and mantra. Here’s hoping for some nice sales. Fifteen percent of anything sold goes to the CMSO.

Here’s the inspiration for my last painting for the show Sunday. Watch and see how it becomes a painting!

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