The day before, the hour before, the moment before, all hold a certain excitement and an ounce of anxiety alike. Whatever the event, when you’ve invested your energy and soul into something, you just want it to be appreciated. All the years I performed, I remember waiting offstage feeling like a racehorse ready for the gates to raise. Days before art shows and sales are very much the same.

For over a week, as I finish paintings, fire the last birdhouses, and frame still-a-bit-tacky paintings, I’ve found myself checking the weather channel on my I-Phone.  It’s been an exercise in keeping my rosy colored glasses polished because until last night, it looked like sure thunder storms for my Art in the Garden Day. Not that the event wouldn’t have been fine inside, but I love having the spring show outside in the garden, which has been rather spectacular this spring. All my positive thinking has paid off, weather-wise, and it looks like a perfect day tomorrow.

Now for the right mix people falling in love with the perfect piece of STEBNER…

“Wellies and Trowel” still to be framed!

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