Friday the Thirteenth

Faience Stebner plate. 12". $100. Shakespeare quote.

Late yesterday afternoon I flipped on my phone thoughtlessly and the following email immediately opened onto the screen. I almost deleted it, thinking it was  unsolicited spam… Well, it was unsolicited, but hardly spam. What a perfect way to end any day or week, let alone a Friday the Thirteenth.

Thank you, Donna!

Dear Bruce,
I just so happened to stumble upon your website today.  That happened because for years I’ve had your name as an automatic ebay search – letting me know if anyone ever lists one of your pieces.  A piece was listed today & in the description it links to your website.  …and there I found your email address!
I want to take the time today to tell you something you’d probably get a kick out of knowing.
Years ago I scrounged & scraped & saved to purchase a large round plate you made that was in a local gift shop in Manchester, Connecticut. It was made in ’97.
Surrounding the rim of the plate is the quote from C. Aiken “Music I heard with you was more than music ~ Bread I broke with you was more than bread.”
I utterly ADORE this beautiful piece of art that speaks to me on mulitple levels.  For one, I totally relate to the quote.  Music & it’s artistry adds so much to our everyday lives & I’m always on the hunt for an undiscovered underappreciated talent.  It’s a fun challenge for me.  Hospitality – the breaking of bread – is my ultimate passion.  We literally have hundreds of people every year around our table to share meals & share lives.  The fact that the two were brought together on your beautiful piece of art jumped right out at me.  And yes – I love the quote, but what makes it for me is your specific interpretation in painting it.  The artful simplicity – the simple strokes in just the perfect spots – I notice every detail. 
This platter sits on my kitchen counter on a large stand every day.  I pack it away sadly at Christmas when I put out the decorations & can’t wait to take it back out when it’s over.
I have said multiple times that if my house was on fire & everyone was out & I could run back in and take ONE THING…it would be that plate.
So…that’s my story.  Your art is one of life’s treasured nuggets.  Something that has brought me such much joy.
I’m soooo glad that I stumbled upon your website so I could let you know!
Ever So Sincerely,

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