Rites of Spring

When the weather first breaks in Ohio, be it March or April,  there are several things I do to initiate the return of the warm south wind. Usually it’s Stella Artois and smoked salmon in the garden as soon as the sun has warmed the air enough. Last week, the first week of March, we opened the garden with cocktails before dinner with friends under the new, not quite finished pergola built last November. Since then, we’ve enjoyed both coffee and lunch there.

An artistic rite of spring is to head to the historic covered bridge about twelve miles from here for a plein air painting excursion. Several years ago I got to the river bed, set up my easel and as I began to load my palette, realized I’d forgotten to pack white paint. Oops. This year, I had the privilege of sharing the trip with a young art student, Grif. Our little voyage was a practice for France this summer-oh- did I say France? Yes, but that’s another blog. It’s spring break for the University of Akron this week, so Grif and I are taking several days to make art field trips together. It’s a unique privilege to share my world, whether at home or abroad, with new, young eyes seeing something for the first time. The Cuyahoga Valley is my heritage. It restores me each time I return. What fun to show it to an artist in the spring of his life.

Today we head to Cleveland. Stay tuned.

Covered Bridge, 6x8 plein air panel, $150 unframed

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