Fruit on My Labor

This week I feel sort of like Dorothy after returning to Kansas from Oz. It’s great to be home with family, friends and pets, sleeping in my own bed, but part of me is still back roaming the French countryside, munching baguette and cheese. That part that missed that plane home is waiting, more or less patiently, for me to return for the next French painting adventure. I wake to floods of memories and sensations from the past two weeks which will take form on canvas in the weeks to come. Until then, I thought I’d let you see some more of the little paintings I did while we were in France together this time. Days it was too cold to layer up like the Mighty Quinn and paint en plein air, I was able to do some interior scenes at Le Chat Luthier. Here they are, without editorial comment.

Lake Carcés, 6x8 oil on panel, $195 unframed, $245, framed

Lake Carcés, 6x8 oil on panel. $195 unframed, $245 framed.

Around the corner in Arles, 6x8 oil on panel, $195 unframed, $245 framed

Missing You. 8x10 oil on panel, $365 framed SOLD

French Regency. 8x10 oil on panel. $295 unframed, $365 framed

A Place to Hang My Hat. 8x8 oil. $325 framed SOLD

8 thoughts on “Fruit on My Labor

  1. Bruce. Six stunning gems for all to enjoy and share in your French adventure. Welcome home to the two of you. Anxious to see more. Hugs. John

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