Single Lanes, Blind Curves

As kids we were taught that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But life’s never a straight line and neither is an adventure. But dangerous things, single lanes and blind curves. With the first you can be hit head on and with the second, you have no idea if, what or when disaster might happen.

Today, it was to warm up to a sunny38 degrees. Even warmer the rest of the week. With the weather gods satisfied, it was time to get the buggy out of the barn and hit the town. Or in this case, country, high in the mid-Var, almost to the Grand Canyon of France. I had about 6 villages to see and everything in between; everything includes lots of sleeping, snowy vineyards, rocky, red cliffs and river valleys. Each town I visited wound me a little higher in elevation until at last I reach my summit, Tourtours, listed as one of “the most beautiful villages in France.”

It’s nicknamed The Village in the Sky for good reason.

It’s nicknamed “The Village in the Sky” for good reason, but it’s true name is a conundrum. Tour in French can be several things, A feminine la tour is a turn or trip of most any sort, but a masculine le tour, is, no surprise, a tower(back to the obelisk). So Tourtours, could be a double turn, a double tower or tower of the towers, or maybe even a turn to a tower. I’ve made up all these possibilities, but any are a pro pos.

Getting to this heavenly city is a constant series of blind turns, one-way passes and one lane bridges climbing higher and higher through pine forests on rocky precipices. Risky business, just like life. Returning, I got to thinking about how, as much as the unknown can unnerve us, the real catastrophes in my life have rarely come out of nowhere, blind-sided. I might have polished my rosy colored glasses and ignored them until they beat me over the head, but risk taking has rarely been disastrous. On the contrary, taking chances has brought me to new heights in my life: up the mountain, expanded my horizons and led me to those pleasant places where I could finally sneak the car off the road and paint another dream, before the sun set.

8 thoughts on “Single Lanes, Blind Curves

  1. Thanks for bringing us back to Tourtours! We have visited, and stayed there, twice. “Single lanes” could not be more descriptive, especially for that village. As I recall, a stop light at each end of the only street through town has to indicate whether you must stop of oncoming traffic or proceed while the oncoming traffic stops to wait for you. Failure to follow directions would surely result in someone’s having to back up or fall off the cliff. The layer of snow gives the already beautiful countryside an added dimension.

  2. Bruce, your photos are lovely! As mentioned earlier, I feel as though I’m traveling along with you through Provence! Can’t wait for the next update!

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