Bon Voyage

I’ve just arrived at Hotel des Arts. Let’s just say it’s clean and quiet, nothing to romanticize by a long shot. But the reception was warm and very indulgent of my jet-lagged French-speaking efforts. Finally, I’ve found a Wi-Fi connection, to boot! My flights and connections were so timely, there’s nothing to say about them, except my traveling companion on the plane was a lovely lady, Joyce, who was on her way to Jordan. She’s invited me to come to Boston for painting inspiration, a trip long over-due. Even getting the train from CDG to Paris was fairly smooth. I fingered out how to use the ticket kiosk(leave the card in until directed to remove it) and only made one mistake on the metro getting here to Place d’Italie.

What is worth sharing are some pictures from a really memorable bon voyage dinner which Jim planned flash night: great friends with whom we’ve traveled to Fance over the years, for the most part.

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