Studio Super Sale

How appropriate on the day of my winter studio cleaning sale to wake up to a beautiful snow. The magic white icing that makes you feel as though you must have been on a train all night and arrived in a new place. The familiar looks brand new.

The day was a flurry of new and familiar clients arriving to see what sort of finds were awaiting them in my showroom. This was a no-frills, honest-to-goodness, first-time-ever sale. Never before have I made discounts on my paintings, pottery and birdhouses; this was a way of paying them for helping me “clean house”.

How fun. I’d be hard pressed to say what sold the most: everything from vintage salt-glazed pieces and water colors from a french barge trip ten years ago to the usual fare of Stebner Patois paintings and faience. The energy and excitement was, as Jim would say, fabulous, not just in the bank account sort of way, either. I doubt if anyone, but another artist, can really understand how essential it is to have people believe in you and your work enough to purchase bags full of it. It’s the age old trinity of creator, creation and client. I thrive on it.

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